Preliminary Design of North Coast Road


Kuwait Fund

Project Overview

Consultancy Services for the construction of 36km of road from Benjamin’s Gap Portsmouth to Pagua Bay. This route will serve as an alternate route from the North-West to the New International Airport.

  • Hydrology studies e.g. catchment characteristics, rainfall, stream/channel characteristics, design discharge, linear waterway, scour depth for all cross drainage works and bridges. 
  • Prepared detailed design of road including the geometric design of road, pavement, culverts, and bridges. 
  • Exploration works began for the proposed site for road rehabilitation- cadastral and topographical surveys were done. 
  • Environment Impact Assessment & Social Impact Assessment 
  • Traffic volume surveys to determine the frequency of traffic and collections points 
  • Prepared detailed design, drawings, specifications, approvals with regulatory agencies, and final cost estimates 
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